Disaster Strikes!

March 29, 2011

It was all going so well!  I’ve gone from the high of a sub 90 minute half marathon in Bath, to the low of a nasty knee injury which is ruining my last few weeks of training for the London Marathon.

Throughout the early stages of my training I suffered with minor pain in my left knee.  My excellent physio cleared this up, largely by battering my quad and ITB into submission.  Crucially, I didn’t miss any training as a result.

My training for the week after Bath was, understandably, quite tough and my 20 mile long run the following Sunday was horrible.  I felt sluggish from the off and only made it round by gritting my teeth and working hard. Later that evening I felt my right knee seize up.  The type of pain was similar to my left knee, but I knew it was more severe.  The next day, it was pretty bloody painful.

The physio’s verdict was a total of ten days off running, though I could do other exercise during this time.  My first run back was a 7 miler on Thursday evening, and then I managed the longest run of my entire schedule – 22 miles on Sunday. My knee was fine during the run, but since then it’s been pretty stiff again.

I’m generally very susceptible to injuries, for three reasons.  Firstly, I have a somewhat unorthodox running gait. Noone with a biomechanically correct style would end up with the nickname Pingu.  Secondly, I’m not particularly physically strong, which is quite an admission for a healthy adult male.  Nearly as embarrassing as coming out as a Tory, or an Old Firm supporter.  Lastly, I am very inflexible. (That reminds me of an old girlfriend who was a gymnast.  I said to her: “you must be very flexible”. She replied: “well, I can’t do Tuesdays or Thursdays.” Sorry.  That is truly dreadful.  I cannot apologise enough.)

Taking on a schedule as intense as the one I have been following, with my physical disadvantages, was always a risk.  I’ve been doing as much as I can to minimise the likelihood of injury – warming up, cooling down, stretching and core strength exercises – but maybe it wasn’t enough.

It goes without saying that this is a rubbish time to be injured. I don’t know how many more training runs I’ll be able to complete before the big day, but I’m confident I’ll find a way to take my place on the starting line.  Unfortunately, however, the injury and missed training will impact both my race time and my enjoyment of the day.

In much more positive news, I’ve reached my fundraising target of £1,500 for IT4CH who help provide IT equipment for sick, hospitalised and disadvantaged children. I’ve been genuinely amazed at everyone’s generosity and would like to express my gratitude for your support.  I was fortunate enough to see the charity’s good work in action recently, more of which over on the Huddle blog.

Of course, if you haven’t yet sponsored me, you can still do so here:


Lastly, if you are thinking of coming out to support me and the rest of the Huddle team on April 17th, have a look at the handy Huddle Marathon Supporters’ Guide.


3 Responses to “Disaster Strikes!”

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