Eight Annoying Seconds

March 6, 2012

On Sunday I took part in my first “proper” race, ie not a parkrun, since last July. It was a 10km in Regents Park, part of a monthly series of events organised by the Mornington Chasers club. I hoped to hit the first of my targets for the year by running under 41 minutes and suspected I had a chance of getting close to my PB of 40:27.

Not for the first time I arrived way too early, over compensating for the fact that I had to register on the day. Given the miserable weather, the race was never going to sell out! I ran into an old mate, Juliet, on the start line and we had a wee catch up before we were off.

My unspoken intention was to go out pretty hard and see how far I could go before fading. I got stuck in a bit of traffic early on which cost me a few seconds so I was 6:30 through the mile mark, about 5 seconds slower than I hoped. My second mile was an aggressive 6:15 and it was all a bit tough after that. I was still on track for a PB through 4 miles but I couldn’t hang on and despite a big push in the last 400m I finished in 40:35, an annoying 8 seconds outside my best, but inside my 41 minute target.

Despite an element of frustration at getting so close to a new best, this was a solid effort. The course was flat but both windy (breezy) and windy (lots of tight turns) which may have impacted my time a little. I’ve spent plenty of time analysing my performance, trying to work out where I could have shaved those 8 seconds, and I can only conclude that even more sheer guts throughout the last 2 miles would have been required. I’m not sure I had any more to give so I’ll just need to come back stronger next time.

I am now convinced that I have a sub 40 minute 10k in me. I’ll need to keep training bloody hard, stay injury free, find time to squeeze a race in when I’m in peak condition and have the stars align on the day. Lots of “ifs” but all achievable.

Sunday’s race was a good, small, well organised event with a fast field and I’ll be back for future editions.


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